Yll’s Paragraph on Personification

This exemplar written by Yll contains all the key features of a good analytical paragraph. It makes a clear statement, it recruits an example that advances the point, the example is analysed for the language features present and how these strengthen Shakespeare’s purpose.

Shakespeare uses personification in his plays to strengthen his ideas by making it clearer. It is a richer and more interesting way to mention points and say what the characters are thinking. In an earlier example the personification suggests that Macbeth is going mad during the play as he starts talking about inanimate objects as if they are real. Also it could mean Shakespeare is trying to express the thoughts of the characters through objects.
“That my keen knife see not the wound it makes”
This would be personification as Lady Macbeth is saying that the knife has eyes but should not be able to see the wound. This also means that Lady Macbeth wants King Duncan to be killed but does not want to do it so if they get caught she won’t be arrested. This means Shakespeare is trying to say what their plan is and what they are thinking through inanimate objects.

Author: Christopher Waugh

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